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Capturing The Music 

Music can be an essential part of our lives, especially when it becomes a source of income. If you are an artist in need of a recording music studio or simply want to hire a DJ for your event, turn to Dynasty Hair Studio in Chicago, Illinois. We offer a professional recording studio, fully equipped to meet your requirements and DJ services that come with all you need to make your party a night to remember. 

DJ at a Mix Board

Recording Studio 

Our expert team at Dynasty Hair Studio goes above and beyond to help further your music career. Our recording music studio, which is located inside of our salon, provides the necessary equipment so that you can come in and efficiently record your music. 

We gladly assist you with recording your vocals and do instrumental tracks and beats at your convenience. Dynasty Hair Studio also provides mix tapes, mix tracks, can host mix tapes, and produce instrumentals. No matter your current skill level, we can help enhance your potential and further progress your music career.

DJ Services 

Experience music at your event like never before. At Dynasty Hair Studio, we provide a full DJ setup with everything you need such as, music, speakers, and microphones. Our services are available for parties, lounges, clubs, kid’s parties, weddings, and concerts.  

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